I am forever grateful for my teachers and sages, Kia Miller, Sam Sohmer, Tom Voitas, Kait Kozak, Amy Weintraub, and Jen Beer, among many other wise ones, for bringing me along on my winding journey of self realization and growth. They model to me what is possible and compel me to share my learning with others.

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Betsy Grimm is a severely flawed seeker that loves exploring the deeper mines of life and self. She is a great listener, a trustworthy friend, and a thoughtful advisor. Betsy has been practicing yoga for twenty years and teaches a mix of her favorite things. She is increasingly drawn to the power of Kundalini practices as taught by her esteemed teacher, Kia Miller and has trained in both Radiant Body Kriya and Meditation. She is heavily influenced by the work of Life Force Yoga, with its ability to bring balance to anxiety and depression. As a Life Force Yoga Practitioner, A Radiant Body Practitioner, an Emotional Freedom Technique Practictioner (EFT or Tapping), as well as an Integrative Grief Practitioner. She is close to completing her Hakomi Somatic Psychotherapy training and has thrilled to find this next level of healing to offer to others.

No two classes or sessions are ever the same, but you can expect a mix of pranayama (breathwork), vinyasa, kundalini practices, mantra, meditation, and sometimes journeying and ritual.


She believes in the inseparable connection between mind and body. And that true healing incorporates both.


Betsy's been an art director for over 20 years and loves bringing creativity to whatever she does. She generally has multiple projects going that make a mess of her kitchen table. She lives in Oak Park where she raised her two children.