The grief experience thrusts you into an exclusive club that plays by it's own rules. The pain can be so unbearable, that you can no longer bear to be in your own body. No corner of your life is what it was before. You feel isolated and alone, often wondering if if you could possibly ever feel better... or even if you want to.


This distress lives in our bodies. It can sound the alarm to flood the body with hormones and involuntary changes in breathing, blood pressure and heart rate. Sleeping patterns, energy levels, digestion and brain chemistry are often affected. Even our saliva holds a different chemical composition. We may notice a panicky or anxious feeling and/or a lethargic and depressed response. Our hearts may feel physical ache, or our bellies may feel like we've been "punched in the gut."


Often conventional therapies are unable to address physical imbalances brought about by the loss. Integrating somatic (body-based) practices can bring healing to a deeper level. They can create a little more space in our beings to allow these tremendous emotions to move.