Betsy teaches a mix of her favorite things. She incorporates pranayama (breathwork), challenging holds, self-inquiry, visualizations, sound and plenty of alignment cues. She reveres the work of Life Force Yoga and it’s ability to bring balance to specific mood issues including anxiety and depression. She's also been heavily influenced by the deep practice of Forrest Yoga. The talents of Anne Paulson, Talya Ring, Claire Mark, Kate Wester, Hala Khouri, Ashley Turner, Rose Kress and Amy Weintraub have been incredibly influencial.



I found yoga 17 years ago, being drawn to it for hardly zen-like reasons. I needed a joint–friendly alternative to feed my workout obsession. The workouts were surprisingly physically challenging, but it didn’t take long to see the “workout” was just a bonus to some much deeper benefits. Yoga quickly became my medicine, my therapy and my portal into greater self-awareness.


I’m always been amazed that no matter what ache, physically or emotionally, I bring to my mat, I step off feeling better. And that’s the consensus. People consistently say (maybe annoyingly so!) that yoga brings them happiness. They report feeling calmer, clearer, less reactive, happier and more like themselves. They even report sleeping better and having improved relationships. Maybe that has something to do with why it’s withstood the test of time. And why it’s recently drawn so much attention from scientists and researchers. Check out some of the latest research that’s putting science to what our bodies seem to know.