November 9, 2:30-4:45pm

Ahimsa Oak Park

441 South Blvd., Oak Park, IL 60302


Feeling overwhelmed, agitated, out of balance and like you just can’t turn your brain off? Here’s an opportunity to get out of your head by grounding deeply in your body. Use the science of yoga, guided meditation, breathwork, and sound to balance anxiety and become reacquainted with your true, calm self. Learn powerful Kundalini and Life Force Yoga techniques that bring new steadiness and resilience. Take home three minute “quickies” that can make all the difference when integrated into your daily life. It’s a great workshop for teens and young people and anyone feeling the stress of our complex lives.

Are you feeling heavy, scattered, numb or stuck?

Are you in the aftermath of loss?

Are you navigating life with anxiety?

Or life with depression?

Have you seen benefits of talk therapy but still feel foggy?

Do you feel closed down?

Is it hard to find clarity?

Are you playing it safe?

Detached from your body?

Has your heart grown armour?

Do you question who you’ve become?


Let’s delve in together to consciously release patterns, pains, emotions and beliefs trapped in your body and mind. Let’s tap into that well of calm radiance that is waiting for you beneath it all. Waiting to show you that you are whole. And that you are capable of carrying both the joy and the pain of being human.


Oak Park, IL,   773-251-3715,   betsy@grimmsituation.com

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Photos by Bill Hagglund

© 2015 by Betsy Grimm