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Waking Body and Mind

What if you lived your life on purpose

rather than at the whims of fear or reactivity to what’s happening around you? What if you could untangle your patterning and locate your unwavering strength that lies beneath?


As a guide and cheerleader on the path, I believe we need companionship to navigate the complexities of life and our own minds. I help people untangle themselves and follow the yearnings of their bigger, brighter, more authentic selves. My work draws on decades of meditation and yogic practices, body-based strategies to alleviate anxiety and depression, and Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy.

Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy

is a form of body-centered psychotherapy that is both loving and effective in its approach to healing and growth. Born out of mindfulness principles, it helps you explore your patterns and get underneath them. Through my Hakomi studies and years as both a client and practitioner, I’ve deepened my awe and reverence of the knowing our body, mind and spirit holds.  


In a state of mindfulness, quite different from our regular state, we can more easily find understanding of our patterns and limitations. We access our inherent intelligence to guide our unique pathway forward. Through the loving kindess inherent in the approach, I’ve seen again and again, that when we acknowledge and even embrace our inner tensions, wounds, protections, histories or experiences, something new opens up and healing begins. It’s often surprising how quickly and succinctly the answers come.

This process is wonderful for feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, depression, confusion and stuck-ness, and can help you improve relationships, connect mind and body, find purpose, live in more alignment and step into the drivers seat of your life.

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